ARISE Crowdfunder For Paorinher

Get invloved and help us raise £2,000 for the girls of Paorinher. We will use this money to buy 200 Period Packs from our ARISE Women’s group in Kenya. 

Meaning every pound donated, is a pound invested in a community. 

This fundraiser supports two projects in one.


ARISE Women’s Group

Paorinher is a support centre and health clinic for over 500 children and their families that are suffering from HIV and AIDS in northern Uganda.

Normally the girls of Paorinher have little to no access to safe sanitary products. Resulting in them not being able to go to school or being targeted by sexual predators.

This can lead to a high rate of HIV and STD infection  as well as an increased rate child pregnancy. Which only worsens the gender gap in the community as girls are shunned out of school, denied opportunities and can end up trafficking themselves.

The ARISE project was made to empower women to build better livelihoods. They receive training in entrepreneurship, so they are able to earn more income, diversify financial income and provide jobs that boost local economies. When women earn, everyone benefits: their families, their communities, and the local economy.

All the money they make is put into a community fund which is then drawn upon for community projects. Allowing them to respond to their changing needs and growth

By buying 200 of our ARISE Women’s Period Packs we are providing the girls of Paorinher with a safe solution for their sexual health and by supporting the growth of our ARISE women

Each pack contains 7 sustainably made, reusable, sanitary pads which will allow a girl or woman too menstruate safely for up to 5 years!

Helping keep them in school and reducing period poverty. 

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