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Bike to Hike 2022

Join Bike to Hike virtually and raise funds for the children of Paorinher from home!

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Bike to Hike 2022 get involved

Our Cause

Paorinher is a rehabilitation centre that provides lifesaving support to over 500 children with HIV and AIDS in Northern Uganda. It was established in 2007 against the backdrop of a 20 year long, brutal civil war. 

PFP partnered with the centre in 2019, taking our “Handshakes not Handouts” approach to lay the groundwork for a sustainable future for the community. Having first met their immediate needs for water, power and food, we moved forward to provide training and mentoring to ensure the project’s success and growth

African Children of Paorinher

The funds raised via Bike to Hike will help us deliver a ‘Window on the World’ to the children of Paorinher: building classrooms with computers and Internet connectivity. This will have a huge impact on not only their education, giving them access to a whole new world of information; but also that of the adults. They will be able to take voluntary ICT classes, and their improved tech literacy will allow them to connect the centre to other communities around the world, building meaningful networks. All of this networking feeds back into providing better services for the children and vulnerable families benefitting from Paorinher.

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