Celebrating Africa

Experience joyous African traditions with Power for the People!

We are hosting a day of “Celebrating Africa” at Stamford Methodist Church, culminating in an evening of food, music, and a screening of our Osupukiai documentary, “Water is Life”.

Our documentary, shot by Frederick “Dharshie” Wissah, chronicles life for the previously nomadic Maasai people of Osupukiai, and how it has changed since the introduction of a solar-powered borehole, installed by PfP, which we have trained the local women to operate.

This is a great opportunity to see first-hand the beautiful tribal community, as well as the incredible impact access to water has upon disadvantaged peoples – an impact you can create!

Faith in Christ Church are providing a two-course meal of Kenyan dishes to delight your taste buds and expand your culinary horizons.

Their talented choir will be providing entertainment, singing Kenyan music to give you an authentic and captivating experience.

You’ll also hear from speakers including the incredible Chris Lubbe, former bodyguard for Nelson Mandela, who was involved in negotiations with the apartheid regime which led to the creation of South Africa’s new constitution and its first democratic elections.