A group of Masaai women collecting clean water from the water point that PFP installed at Osupukiai Village, Narok County, Kenya.

Power for the People

Partnering with communities experiencing extreme, multi-dimensional poverty using innovation and clean technologies as a backbone for sustainable development.

We partner with communities to enable:

Food security

Building capability to produce abundant food and creating opportunities to earn income to improve access to food.

Better health

Providing access to healthcare, clean water & sanitation as well as addressing the causes of hunger and malnutrition.

Skills & education

Improving literacy, skills & employability as well as building local operation and maintenance capability.

Household income

Increasing household income so that people can pay for what they need and create a basis for financial security.

Clean energy

Giving communities the power to generate their own renewable electricity, enabling better health, education & economic opportunities.

Sustainable growth

Providing quality education for adults and children, creating jobs and supporting small businesses for a prosperous community.

Our projects have made a sustainable difference

We work with our communities to identify their needs, understand their priorities then fund their plan to facilitate food security, better health, education and economic opportunity.

We are a small, innovative and agile organisation, adaptable to new ways of working


News and updates

We’ll soon be posting regularly updates on our website or you can visit our social media pages for our latest news. 


How we work

We can guide you through our process and what handshakes not handouts really means to us and our communities.

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Our team 

We are really grateful for all the support we receive and have a wonderful team working behind the scenes.

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people live without access to safe water
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people lack access to essential health services
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people suffer from chronic undernourishment
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live without access to electricity
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people live on less than $1.90 per day

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