Power for the People

Creating Sustainable Futures with Renewable Energy

Our aims

We work with our communities to enable: 

Food security

Building capability to produce abundant food and creating opportunities to earn income to improve access to food.

Better health

Providing access to healthcare, clean water & sanitation as well as addressing the causes of hunger and malnutrition.

Skills & education

Improving literacy, skills & employability as well as building local operation and maintenance capability.

Household income

Increasing household income so that people can pay for what they need and create a basis for financial security.

Clean energy

Giving communities the power to generate their own renewable electricity, enabling better health, education & economic opportunities.

Sustainable growth

Providing quality education for adults and children, creating jobs and supporting small businesses for a prosperous community.

Our projects

We work with our communities to identify their needs, then funds their plan to facilitate food security, better health, education and economic opportunity based on their priorities. Projects are aimed at increasing household income so that people can afford to pay for what they need and building their capabilitiy to implement, operate, maintain and expand what is built. 

0 %
844m people live without access to safe water
0 %
3.8 billion people lack access to essential health services
0 %
815 million suffer from chronic undernourishment
0 %
1.045 billion people live without access to electricity
0 %
736 million people live on less than $1.90 per day

How we work

We build prosperous, sustainable communities by offering handshakes not handouts. 

Get involved

We have a variety of volunteer roles available at PFP no matter whether you have a specific skill or are just keen to get involved. You can read about what some of our volunteers have been up to below. If you’d like to become a volunteer yourself simply drop us an email here  and tell us a bit about yourself. 

Saffia Sage

Volunteer, student

“My time with PfP was an unforgettable and inspiring experience. I have walked away with new skills to my name, but also a greater understanding of how to view a “whole picture” in order to substantially change lives.

Lucy Mallatratt

Volunteer, a broadcast television producer/director

“I jumped at the chance to join Power for the People on their field trip, to document these donor projects. It is exciting to be involved with this organisation at the start of their operations and I believe that short films are the very best way of connecting with people who want to help.”