Juba Teaching and Referral Hospital

Juba Teaching and Referral hospital in Juba City is South Sudan’s only referral hospital, serving a nation of 11.7 million people. It is a 580 bed facility but accommodates 800 with bed sharing. The hospital is funded by the National Ministry of Health and UN agencies and NGOs, but still lacks basic medical supplies, equipment, skills and most critically, electricity to provide basic patient care. The hospital is crippled bay daily power cuts and power rationing. There is occasionally some supply from the Juba grid, but mostly the hospital uses its own back-up diesel generator, which is insufficient, expensive and unreliable and plagued by fuel shortages. No electricity in a hospital means there is no lighting, no water, refrigeration, sterilisation or functioning equipment. Frequent daily power cuts and rationing means services are regularly suspended and many people die unnecessarily every day. 

Photos from our visit