Kayula Children's Cancer Foundation

The incidence of childhood cancers, including Retinoblastoma (a cancer that usually affects the retina of young children) is very high in Zambia. Mortality rates are 79% – 80% compared to the very low rates in developed countries. Smoke related cancers are in children from rural areas are also common, associated with indoor cooking fires. KayulaChildren’s Cancer Foundation is Zambian NGO that was set up in 2012 to help children undergoing treatment for cancer and to actively promote awareness of childhood cancer in Zambia.

KCF supports the work of Zambia’s only cancer treatment facility, located at Lusaka’s UTH Children’s Cancer Unit by offering a “Transit House” that provides lodging, food, care and transport services to and from ongoing chemotherapy treatments. It also works with UTH to improve the quality of care and support and to strengthen capacity. UTH cancer ward is over-capacity, with children sharing beds and parents sleeping next to them on the ground. Cross-infections are high and morale is at rock-bottom. Children treated by UTH come from all over Zambia with their guardians. Many do not complete their treatment because cancer treatment is lengthy and the guardians (typically subsistence farmers) must return to tend crops and provide for their families. KCF’s main challenges are a lack of space, lack of electricity, lack of the right foods to help maximisethe children’s chances of recovery, and helping carersprovide for their families back home while their child is undergoing treatment. This project will build and power a new Centre to accommodate over 100 children and their guardians, with a small farm to provide to aid recovery and a means for carersto earn income while their child is completing their treatment.

Our aims

PFP can help to provide:

Patient housing

House at least 100 patients and their guardians.

Livestock for families

Establish small-scale crop and livestock farming for people and in-house consumption and provide a workshop for guardians to generate income for their families during their stay.

Testing facilities

Provide basic blood assessment and testing facilities