Partner with Power for the People

By coming together as a team, we can make an even bigger difference


Small or large, the support of a company can be transformative for our projects. We love finding corporate partners who hold the same values and want to combine forces to make a real difference.

Schools and universities

Change makers of the future, we need you! There is nothing we love more than seeing students go out into their communities and champion our work. Get your school or uni involved today.

Community groups

When communities come together to make change, there is rarely anything that can stop them! Whether it’s your local WI, church or rotary club, we’d love to hear from you and get your support.

How we give back to our partners

As a PFP partner, you can sponsor or fundraise for a specific project, or choose to drive forward all our initiatives. We know you’ll want to see the difference you’ve made, so we always make sure to provide updates and news of supported communities.

Making an impact with Joseph Flach & Sons

”Joseph Flach gathers its products from across the globe and we are lucky to be in a position where we can share some of our success with others less fortunate. Access to clean water is not a luxury, it’s a necessity and for us to be able to help a community build sustainable, long term access to such an essential, life giving, basic thing was a gift for us. Giving is living” – Anthony Benton, Managing Director

Joseph Flach’s support enabled PFP to build a reliable water supply for Osupukiai Village and surrounding communities. Anthony and the team have been able to see the direct impact of their support through videos, photos and meetings with our local project manager.

Want to partner with us?

Send us a message to let us know you’d like to help, and someone from the PFP team will contact you shortly.