Nomadic Masai peoples who have been dispossessed of their customary land rights must form permanent settlements, but finding water is a constant struggle. Osupukiai village’s water comes from a small seasonal lugga that only provides water during the rains. Lugga water is not safe for drinking nor enough for livestock and crops, so there is food insecurity and conflict overwater.

You can help us to build a reliable water supply for the village and surrounding communities, with a sand dam to harvest and store water from the lugga for livestock and crop irrigation, and a borehole with solar-powered pumping and water storage of up to 20,000 litres for households. The system is designed for growth and to manage water when it is overcast, rainy or drought.

Water users pay 20 Kenya Shillings (15p) for each 30l jerrycan of water. The payments fund the operation and maintenance of their water supply, with surplus revenues going towards further developments such as electricity, table banking, and education. As part of public consultation villagers will be asked to sign up to the conditions of community water rights as set forward by the local committee that will oversee the venture and manage potential conflicts among water users.  The project creates local skills in maintaining reliable water with four permanent jobs. Villagers will be trained to build and maintain sand dams and to run and maintain the solar water pump and storage tanks.

Our aims
Water supply

Building a reliable water supply for the village and surrounding communities.

Skills and eduction

Creating local skills and permanent jobs to build and maintain the water supply.