Volunteer for Power for the People

Provide hands-on support to our projects or help us grow and support more people.

On projects

Support on the ground at our projects and see the impact of your work first-hand.

Be part of the team 

Volunteer your time and skills to help us grow and raise funds to support more communities.

Be a Community Ambassador

Spread the word about PFP’s work by being a Community Ambassador for one of our current projects.

How we support our volunteers

We appreciate every ounce of support we get from our volunteers, so it’s only right that we support them too. Volunteering with us, you’ll have access to tailored resources and the whole PFP family of team members.

Knowing there is a team of caring people at PFP to support and contribute to my volunteering experience is incredibly important.
— George Hetherington, PFP volunteer

Meet our volunteer, Celine!

I supported PFP’s Pinovate project which aimed to distribute solar powered egg incubators across Kenya and Uganda. Never before had I been involved in such a large scale, ambitious project, and it was with PFP that we could achieve this level of impact. These inspiring individuals are all bursting with passion, and are able to unite around a common goal. Volunteering with PFP I know I am in safe hands, realising my own passion of helping others and working with a team to exchange life-changing handshakes.

Ready to volunteer?

Send us a message to let us know you’d like to help, and someone from the PFP team will contact you shortly.