The Big Give Green Match Fund - PFP is making twice the impact for children at Elong'o School

We are very excited to be launching our Big Give Green Match Fund campaign today at 12pm GMT, with the goal of raising £10,000 for the children of Elong’o School in Kenya.

 The Big Give is a non-profit charity that specialises in bringing charitable organisations together to multiply their impact through match funding. The Green Match Fund is an annual match funding campaign for charities that are working on environmental issues as part of their core mission. All public donations made to participating charities via during the week of the campaign (22-29 April 2022) will be matched up to a specific amount.  

Our work in Elong’o has continued since we drilled a borehole 3km away last year and built a Window on the World ICT Hub and Library to connect pupils to the world. The focus this year is now on providing access to clean water by installing a pipeline from the Osupukiai Borehole to the school. As well as providing drinking water and sanitation, this will also be a catalyst for our next stage of school sustainability which includes establishing closed-loop farming and a food forest, installing bio-toilet and sanitation blocks, and further improving school facilities.

Elong’o is the only school within a 10 km radius of Osupukiai and its neighbouring villages.

Its 300 pupils walk up to 15km a day to get to school, and the surrounding landscape is very dry and bare. Food is scarce, and it is common for the children to go without eating. A further 255 children are on the waiting list, but can’t attend due to the school’s lack of capacity. 

Your donation will help us provide environmental education to over 300 pupils and their families while establishing a forest ecosystem and closed-loop farming with the aim of providing plentiful food for the children and staff. This will also help combat desertification, reduce soil erosion and promote water conservation. You will also help us enable Elong’o school to generate income from surplus produce to meet their daily costs and to pay additional school staff. Lastly, your support will increase access to clean water for drinking, cooking, sanitation and irrigation.

Sustainable Development Goals

One donation, twice the impact

  • A donation of £20 becomes £40 and could fund saplings for the food forest.
  • £75 becomes £180 and could fund the environmental education for pupils.
  • A donation of £280 becomes £560 and could fully fund the 10,000L water tank.

You can support our vital work by donating here today and please pass on this message to anyone who you think might be interested in supporting us and having their donation doubled.


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