Elong'o School

Elong’o is the only school within a 10 km radius of Osupukiai and its neighbouring villages. Its 240 pupils make the arduous 10-15 km journey on foot every day to get to school. 255 more children are on the waiting list as the school does not have the capacity to take in more students. Elong’o has 8 corrugated iron classrooms, 2 overflowing pit latrines, and no water. Food at school has in the past been scarce, with pupils often having to complete the full school day without food. 

Our work so far

Since PFP drilled a borehole 3km away, staff bring in water so pupils can have a scoop of maize and beans for lunch. The pupils tell us that they love school and see bright futures ahead.

240 children are now benefitting from increased access to education, a new library and communication hub, and football facilities.  

Through our innovative ‘Windows on the World project, we have constructed a secure computer hub and library and installed solar electricity and Wifi.  We have also purchased 10 tablets for the students and books for the library, improving their access to education and information.  

Twinning programme


“We have been working hard to ensure all pupils in the school have greater exposure to different cultures as part of their learning across all areas of the curriculum and as part of this project, pupils and staff will be communicating with pupils and staff at Elong’o School. We will be exploring comparisons of everyday life, our curriculum, learning environments and traditions at different times of the year including Christmas.”

– St Gilbert’s School, Lincolnshire

Photograph of head teacher and pupils in basic corrugated iron classroom

With the help of our trustee George Hetherington, who for the past two years has been fundraising for the Osupukiai community, Elong’o school has started a twinning programme with St Gilbert’s school in Lincolnshire. This offers a unique opportunity for both schools to interact and learn about one another’s lifestyles and education.

Tablets have been purchased and solar power has been installed to charge the equipment so that the students at Elong’o can video call the students in the UK. Their first call is scheduled in early January 2022.

Future plans 

Our next phase with Elong’o school will include: 

  • Building 10 classrooms to replace the existing corrugated iron, bare floor classrooms and increase the capacity of the school. 
  • Building 2 sanitation blocks, including the installation of bio-toilets which are an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional toilets. 
  • Providing access to clean, plentiful water. 
  • Establishing poultry, goat, and vegetable farming using closed-loop methods to grow food for the pupils and staff, and enabling the school to sell surplus to be able to pay staff. 
  • Planting trees and vegetation for fruit, shade and conserving water.

This project will deliver improvements in the quality of life for over 500 children and the women and youth of Osupukiai and nearby villages.   

Our aims
Improving facilities

Providing amenities for the school, including adequate sanitary facilities, electricity, and improved classrooms and kitchen.

Food security

Ensure that children do not go hungry and have access to nutritious and balanced diets.

Cultivate ecosystems

Planting trees to combat desertification and growing vegetables for selling to generate income for the community.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our work in Elong’o and the surrounding villages supports the following Sustainable Development Goals:

Sustainable Development Goals