Trustee Vacancy

About Power for the People 

Vision: Empowered, healthy, prosperous communities.

Mission: Building sustainable communities for the world’s poorest people, using a backbone of clean technology, to eradicate extreme, multi-dimensional poverty.

Values: Sustainability, Accountability, Innovation, and Partnership & Collaboration.

Operating Principles:

▪ Environmental, Operational and Financial Sustainability.

▪ Pilot, Scale-up, Replicate.

▪ Handshakes not handouts.

▪ Innovation, Partnership, and Inclusion.

What we do 

We provide clean technologies, expertise, flexible financing, market support and training to help communities kickstart their own development. 

Examples are: 

▪ Solar electricity for income generation, education and healthcare

▪ Cleantech for water pumping, irrigation, bio-toilets, smokeless cooking

▪ Sustainable approaches to crop-, poultry- and fish- farming to create livelihoods. 

The Trustee Role 

Charity trustees are the people who share ultimate responsibility for governing a charity and directing how it is managed and run. Being a trustee carries a lot of responsibility – it means making decisions that will impact on people’s lives. 

It is also incredibly rewarding – you will be making a difference to some of the most 2 marginalised and vulnerable communities in the world, and helping tackle the climate emergency for those who have been impacted the most. 

How to apply

Submit your CV with a 1-page max cover letter outlining what excites you about being a PFP trustee, and what you think you can bring to the role, to

You can read more about the role of the charity trustee and your duties and responsibilities on the Charity Commission website.

Or our website to learn more about us.