Macrine’s story

“I stopped selling illicit brew the day I spent 14,000 shillings, at the police station to be released. I still remember this day to date because it was the day my son was sent away for school fees worth 3000 shillings. My son missed the rest of the school because I had no money to pay school fees, I used all the money I had as bail money.”

Meet Macrine, a 35 year old mother of four who lives in Mbita, Homabay County Kenya. Before joining the Arise Programme, Macrine used to sell illicit brew to earn her living and fend for her 4 children. Coming from a woman-led household, she did all she could to see her children through school.

She got to know of the livelihood program through a friend. Given that she was now unemployed and in debt, she decided to enrol and take part in the hands on skill training offered by PFP Academy Programme. This covered topics such as Entrepreneurship and Credit Management, Environmental Awareness & Stewardship, Civic Education & Responsibility, Communication Skills and Menstrual & Sexual Health. Following her participation in the PFP Academy, Macrine took a further certified course on Food and Beverage alongside 20 other women.

Upon completion of the Program she was lucky to have won a competition held, in which the women presented their business plans and was among the top three women that were chosen to have their projects receive start-up funding from PFP. She used the money to set up a small eatery joint that serves local dishes.

The eatery has since grown and she has gone on to expand her business. She has employed two other women who help her out in the business and also ventured into selling fried small fish (omena) that she sells in the local market.

Her kids are now able to attend school without any fee challenges. “My children’s lives have really improved since I opened this eatery because now I can send them to school without any challenges. They are now able to stay in school longer because I pay their fees on time”, Macrine tells us.

“I am now able to save up money for my youngest who will be joining college next year September. I am very thankful for the training, my life has improved in ways I could not have imagine. I am happy to see my children get their educations since I never had a chance to complete my education.”

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