Power for the People’s Big Give Christmas Campaign Nears Its End

Power for the People officially launched its Big Give Christmas campaign last Tuesday, which seeks to raise funds for the Arise project, and will last until 12pm GMT on 7th December.

Power for the People is a small not-for-profit international development charity that works with low-income communities around the world to enable them to have food security, education, clean energy and stable household income. PFP distinguishes itself amongst other charities because of its Handshakes not Handouts Approach which means that we create sustainable solutions that can be owned by the community.

 The Big Give is a non-profit charity that specialises in bringing charitable organisations together to multiply their impact through match funding. They run an annual Christmas Challenge which raises millions of pounds for good causes by providing a platform for charities to run their own fundraising campaigns.

Power for the People’s campaign aims to raise funds for the Arise project; a multi-faceted programme which provides vulnerable menstruating women and girls in Kenyan communities with affordable, hygienic and re-usable options of absorbing menstrual blood, training workshops on menstrual hygiene management and STI prevention. It also aims to create sustainable livelihoods for mothers and widows by selling re-usable sanitary items and training them in catering and tailoring. We are partnering with a local expert organisation with experience of delivering similar programmes and with Plan International, UNICEF and World Vision to ensure that the project realises its full potential.

So far the women enrolled have almost completed their initial 5 week training course and are now looking towards creating re-usable sanitary items for selling but we need your support for this cause.


One donation, twice the impact

  • A donation of £20 becomes £40 and could fund essential equipment like scissors, seam rippers and tape measures.
  • £50 becomes £100 which could pay for the cotton fabric needed to make re-usable sanitary pads.
  • A donation of £100 becomes £200 that could fund an overlock machine.

You can support our vital work by donating here today and please pass on this message to anyone who you think might be interested in supporting us and having their donation doubled.

For more information contact enquiries@pfp.global.